ANALYSIS:Alma, a tale of violence



ALMA_Nouvelle-Famille©Hugues-Micol  012

Alma, A tale of violence, is a multi-platform project around an interactive web documentary that presents Alma’s narration in a straight-forward confessional format. It was conducted by Miquel Dewever-Plannaand Isabelle Fougère, and joined by award-winning e-producer Alexandre Brachet and moderated by Himesh Kar from WorldView. The producers are Arte, Upian and Agency VU. This web documentary has won numerous awards, including first prize of Word Press Photo 2013, Grimme Online Award, 2013 innovation award of Sheffield Doc Fest and IDFA doco online for digital storytelling 2012.

She tells her story in a unique interactive web/tablet concept in which the viewer moves between two screen levels, a face-to-face experience and a visual evocation of Alma’s recollections.“Alexandre Brachet said.

Basically this web documentary combines two linear narratives: one is Alma’s confession of her past five years in Guatemala violent maras(gangs) ,the other is background photographs taken by Miquel and paintings by Hugues Micol along with poly soundtracks presented as her vivid recollections.

Miquel met Alma in 2008 and it took one year and a half for Alma to agree on telling her story.  It is not only for Alma’s redemption but also for alarming those close to violence, especially teenagers.

Alma narrates her story through multimedia platform: books, films,iPad and Android App (as google play )and web documentary.

Targeted Audience

targeted audiences

The target audiences are young people, apparently. Filmmakers Miquel and Isabelle all said that during their interviews. They hope this online documentary can alarm the young people not only in Guatemala but around the world, to keep away from violence.

The web documentary, though focus on the topic “Violence”, was presented with care, avoid agitating the young. The dark background implies the seriousness of the story.  There are warnings ahead story, such as “not suitable for under 16” or “Viewer discretion is advised. Some material may be inappropriate for some viewers”.

The platform involves online web doco, films and iPad and Android  App. Young audiences are more likely to access to these platforms.Also, the history-style information modules, served as education information for teenagers. The purpose is to keep the young away from violence.



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