EqualEd: Flint’s Story

Local partners are working with Flint, Mich., schools to make them hubs of progress – reviving a model of community education in the face of systemic inequity and water that still is not safe to drink.

EqualEd: DJ’s Story

Chicago’s Becoming a Man program uses the principles of cognitive behavior therapy to help young men “think slow” before reacting. One study showed it reduced violent arrests by 50 percent. DJ tells how the program, and his mentor, helped him.  

Kidnapping Children, Destroying Families: child trafficking in China

“I was busy in my private clothing store with my wife, so my elder daughter took my five-year-old son Xiaosong to buy milk, ” Chaohua Xiao recalled. When his daughter came back alone, Mr. Xiao and his wife went panicked. They called the police and asked all their relatives and friends to search over the…